Motorized Translation Stage
Motorized Translation Stage
Motorized Translation Stages 8MT173 are created on the basis of 7T173 manual translation stages and have identical mechanical parameters. Resolution, speed and load capacity all depend on parameters of the motor, translation stages, as well as on the controller and driving mode a user chooses to use. For vertical (Z axis) mounting we offer angle bracket 2AB173-20. Angle brackets of custom design can be manufactured on request. Two mechanical limit switches built into each translation stage used for emergency stop at ends of travel range or to establish a reference position with accuracy of several motor steps (use E3 option for more accurate zero position setting, see Sensors information). Motor position can be visually determined with accuracy of one step by reading a scale engraved on dial knob fitted on motor shaft (use Encoder for monitoring exact position using PC). Body and platform of 8MT173 are made of black finished aluminum. Functional parts are made of steel.
Recommended controllers 8SMC1-USBhF 8SMC3-RS232 8SMMC2
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