4SCML-8 - Self-Centering Optics Mount
4SCML-8 - Self-Centering Optics Mount

Self-Centering Optics Mount 4SCML-8 reliably centers and securely holds round optics and cylindrical objects. This device is particularly valuable when lenses of different diameters are being used interchangeably, as repeated centering at constant height is necessary. The Self-Centering Optics Mount accommodates optics up to 8 inch (203.2mm) and is oversized to provide easy finger access for inserting and remaining optics. Optical elements are fixed and centered at the same time by adjusting driving screw at the top of the device. Heavy optics mounting is secured by wedged rods.

Mount is operated by lead screw only, no springs used in this model. Therefore mount can be used in reverse mode - to hold various rings and hollow cylinders from inside.

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