11PMK-W5 - High-Power Laser Detector
11PMK-W5 - High-Power Laser Detector
Laser Power Detector 11PMK-W5 surface absorber stands up to average power densities of 100 kW/cm². That is the best in the world for average power density. 11PMK-W5 high-power detectors come ready to mount on a rod, a bracket and the square case even lets you set them right on the optical table. These 11PMK series detectors are the best choice for any high average power density application. With Energy Mode option every member of 11PMK-H5 family can be equipped to measure single shot pulse energies as well as average power. From 450 mJ up to 6 J Q-switched or 600 J long pulse. 11PMK-W5 family is compatible with Standa 11UNO standalone power meter and 11P-Link PC based power meter. 11PMK-W5 often used with various YAG, Solid-state, Ti: sapphire, Ruby (long pulse), Argon ion (CW) lasers.
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