11P-Link - PC Based Power Monitor
11P-Link - PC Based Power Monitor
11P-LINK compact interface box is the choice for users who want to do all power meters control as well as the analysis from their computer. With its impressive features for statistics calculation and display options, the 11P-LINK is also an answer to scientific or OEM users who need a low-cost computer based power monitor. Because of very compact size and advanced features the 11P-LINK is the perfect choice for integration in machines. You can control it with our 11PC-LINK software or with PC serial commands. You can even connect many 11P-LINK units to a single computer, which makes it a device of choice for the simultaneous monitoring of many power detectors. The 11P-LINK will recognize the power meter as soon as it is plugged in. Only menus that function for that head will appear. Moreover, the 11P-LINK will auto-calibrate using the data stored in the intelligent connector to ensure the most accurate measurement possible.
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